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Medical Alley Webinar Replay: "Fireside Chat - Helping Close the Health Inequity Gap Through More Inclusive Clinical Trials"

Episode Summary

Addressing and eliminating health disparities is a priority for healthcare organizations in Medical Alley –and throughout the nation – and it has gained increased attention during the COVID-19 pandemic and following the murder of George Floyd. This effort requires a multi-faceted approach from every sector of healthcare, but one that can help make significant strides long-term is increasing diversity within clinical trials. Medical Alley organizations have long been leaders on this effort, and recent events have only furthered their commitment to reaching this goal. In part one of this sold out Bringing The Future Forward webinar replay, hear from Boston Scientific's CEO, Michael Mahoney, and CMO, Michael R. Jaff, on what strategies they are using to build more representative clinical trials and how they are working to advance inclusive research overall.